A Carizza Halo Engagement Ring is Perfect for a Holiday Proposal

Posted on October 30 2018

A Carizza Halo Engagement Ring is Perfect for a Holiday Proposal
The holiday season is the perfect time of year to propose. Between the festive mood and the number of family gatherings scheduled, the period between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s has become the most popular time to get engaged. Slipping a Carizza halo engagement ring on her finger this holiday season will guarantee you are giving her a gift she will cherish forever.

Celebrating with a Carizza Halo Engagement Ring

Before thinking up proposal ideas, you must first shop for a ring that will take her breath away. Carizza halo engagement rings are a guaranteed showstopper for any proposal. Carizza halo engagement rings feature accent diamonds that encircle the center stone. The design makes the center stone appear much larger while adding plenty of sparkle to the ring. The engagement rings from Carizza can be customized to appeal to your future bride. Ring settings are available in gold and platinum as well as two-tone styles with rose gold and white gold.

Planning a Memorable Holiday Proposal

Once you have the ring, you can focus on setting the scene for a festive and meaningful proposal. Holiday proposals are the ideal time to include close family members. Once you pop the question, they can be nearby with champagne and a readiness to compliment her gorgeous Carizza ring. You may also want to include the season as part of your proposal. For instance, propose as you cut down your first Christmas tree together. Or ask for her to marry you as the two of you countdown to the start of the New Year.

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