Buying Necklaces for the Holiday Season

Posted on December 10 2018

Buying Necklaces for the Holiday Season

The holidays are the perfect time to shower your loved ones with the gift of jewelry. When you are struggling for gift ideas, an easy go-to present idea is a diamond necklace. Diamond necklaces are always in fashion and can be tailored to her preferred style. Carizza carries stunning necklace designs from its sought after jewelry brands.

Diamond Pendant Styles

When shopping for a necklace for a loved one, you should consider her day-to-day style. If the recipient wears minimal jewelry, then you don’t want to choose an oversized diamond pendant as her gift. In this case, a string of pearls may be more her style. You also want to keep in mind the types of jewelry shapes that she loves and incorporate them into your design. Stars and hearts are just two examples of diamond pendant shapes available.

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How to Choose Your Perfect Necklaces

The length of the gift necklace is another part of your buying decision. If looking for a statement piece, the necklace should fall mid-length around the collarbone. If you are choosing necklaces that she can layer, they will be longer and more delicate than statement necklaces. Pendant necklaces are available in both long and short lengths. In the jewelry industry, 16” chain lengths are considered standard size. The colors of gold found in the necklace can be tailored to both her preferences and look. For instance, women with darker skin tones typically like the look of gold necklaces against their skin while fairer women prefer white gold. Rose gold necklaces have a stunning and chic appearance for all skin types.

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