Buying the Perfect Earrings

Posted on July 26 2018

Buying the Perfect Earrings

Earrings are one of the most versatile types of jewelry you can own. You can use earrings to dress up an outfit or choose a pair that showcases your fun side. Here are a few ways to choose the perfect pair of earrings.

Settle on an Earring Style

Earrings are offered in a wide variety of style choices. Some popular choices include chandelier styles, studs, dangle, and hoops. The occasion will dictate the type of earrings to choose. For instance, studs are perfect for those who want to add a simple and elegant pair of earrings to their jewelry collection. They can also be perfect for daily wear because they’re so versatile. Studs offer plenty of room for customization with shape and color. Large fancy yellow square diamond studs are designed to catch the eye while round brilliant diamond studs are a more conservative, but beautiful choice. The size of hoops should be dictated on style preference: for a delicate look choose smaller hoops. Or make a statement with larger hoops. Chandelier and drop earrings leave a lot of room for customization and are usually perfect for those with a bold style. They’re a great choice when looking to dress up an outfit or wear as a statement piece at a fancy event. 

Buying Earrings on a Budget

Settling on how much you want to spend on the earrings ahead of time will help narrow down selections. For those on a smaller budget, they could be shown earrings with diamonds that have a lower carat weight. Smaller carat diamond earrings are a good choice for children and those with sensitive ears as well. The cut, clarity and color ratings will also affect the price. If you’re on a budget, a few small hidden flaws may be fine or you could choose a colored gemstone to conceal imperfections. When buying jewelry it’s great to narrow down the choices because there are so many options out there. When you’re looking for gift ideas for your loved one, visit a Carizza retailer. Our collection of fine jewelry, including gorgeous earrings, will appease even the most discerning recipient. Use our store locator to find the closest Carizza retail partner near you.