Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band

Posted on July 18 2018

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band

Once you have the perfect engagement ring, you’ll want to pair it with a perfect wedding band. Don’t leave wedding band shopping to the last minute and have the stress of saying “I Do” with a ring you don’t love. Start looking at wedding bands early and especially before your wedding budget is stretched thin.

Get Inspired by the Wedding Band

A good place to start looking for the perfect wedding band is to consider the engagement ring. Many jewelry stores already have options for you to choose from that will match the engagement ring you chose. Sometimes people don’t wear the engagement ring with their wedding band and choose a totally different style. Or you could simply use the engagement ring as style inspiration. For instance, if your engagement ring is a round diamond solitaire with a platinum band, you may want a wedding band in platinum with round pave diamonds. However, don’t feel as though the husband and wife must have the same type of bands. As an example, a husband who works with his hands may want a wedding band with a more durable metal such as tungsten or titanium. The wedding bands do not have to match each other. Everyone is entitled to find the perfect wedding band that meets their preferences.

Aim for an Everlasting Wedding Band 

Most couples will want to choose wedding bands with classic and timeless styles. If you choose a trendy ring now, you may not still love it 20 years down the road. You can always be conservative with your wedding band style choices and leave room for customization in the future. For instance, diamonds can be added to celebrate a special anniversary. Or you could honor the occasion with a diamond eternity band. If you want to get a wedding band for now and a new one down the road for an anniversary, that is a very popular option as well. When you’re looking for the wedding band of your dreams, visit a Carizza retailer. Our collection of timeless wedding bands is just waiting to be part of your special day. Use our store locator to find a jewelry store near you and see the options for you. We look forward to continuing to provide you with great designs.