Oval Engagement Rings vs. Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Posted on July 16 2018

Oval Engagement Rings vs. Princess Cut Engagement Rings
Before you pop the big question you have another question to ask of yourself: oval or princess cut? When it comes to choosing an engagement ring there is no right or wrong answer. But if you are deciding between oval engagement rings or princess cut engagement rings, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are some things to consider when deciding between oval engagement rings or princess cut engagement rings.

Oval Engagement Rings

You'll find oval cut diamonds on many different styles of diamond jewelry including engagement rings. The diamonds are set front-and-center on an engagement ring to fully allow their elegant, elongated shape to be showcased. Oval diamond engagement rings have a unique, timeless feel that could almost be considered vintage. While shopping for an oval engagement ring, the length to width ratio of the stone is an important feature to consider. This determines if the stone will be long and thin, or look more round in appearance. A ratio of 1.5 provides an oval cut with slight rounded edges which ensures that the ring exudes the best sparkle. Carizza carries a collection of oval diamond rings guaranteed to shine bright like a diamond should.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

One of the top rings of choice in recent years has been the princess cut engagement rings. Princess cut gemstones are modern with clean edges and angles making them the perfect choice for elegance. The design used on princess cut diamonds is used in a way to enhance the shine of the stone while keeping its chic square shape. At Carizza the princess cut engagement rings can be designed and customized to suit your unique style. A ring like that will command attention when your loved one walks in a room while sporting a princess cut on their finger.

Shopping at Carizza for Your Engagement Ring

Carizza carries a wide variety of engagement rings including oval engagement rings, princess cut engagement rings, and a many other Carizza engagement rings. They come in many unique settings and designs to showcase your bride's personality. We also carry vintage rings in many different diamond sizes, shapes, and cuts. You'll also find an extensive selection of band designs and widths, with your choice of precious metals for all our engagement rings. So whether you're going vintage or classic you have to see our extensive collection of styles to find the ring that is perfect for your loved one. Browse our designs on our website and find a retail partner to see your dream engagement ring in person.