The Perfect Engagement Ring for a Valentine's Day Proposal

Posted on January 17 2019

The Perfect Engagement Ring for a Valentine's Day Proposal
What is the perfect engagement ring? A ring customized to your beloved, of course -- and you can find one by using our store locator for Carizza engagement rings&. Here are a few tips for matching up your engagement ring with your loved one, so you can pull off the perfect Valentines Day proposal.

Look at their Other Jewelry

Most people have a specific style they like. That style will be displayed in the jewelry they've already bought. If you're not sure, take a photo of their jewelry box and bring it into the store: an associate can help you find something similar. Check rings, too: you'll need to know their ring size.

Bring them to Jewelry Stores

If you can do so without getting suspicious, you can bring your partner to a jewelry store near you and see where they linger. Consider just suggesting that they go into a jewelry store while you're at a mall or other location. You'll see which items they're particularly drawn to, and can use this for inspiration.

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Ask their Friends and Family

Long-term friends and family members often have a better idea of what type of engagement ring someone really wants than a partner would, as these things are discussed more frankly. Asking a best friend to come with you to pick out the jewelry is often a sure way to get something they'll really love. If you're looking for engagement rings, look for a store that carries Carizza. Carizza's engagement rings celebrate a wide variety of styles and diamonds, from classic and contemporary, where you can find something that your beloved is certain to treasure forever. Check out the store locator today.