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Jewelry Store in West Bloomfield

When you look at engagement rings in West Bloomfield MI, it's natural for your eyes to be drawn to the attention-grabbing central stone. However, don't underestimate the importance of the setting. The same diamond will look very different depending on this, and not every style is right for everyone. Settings and band styles are a few things to consider when picking out Carizza engagement rings.

Classic Settings

The classic setting uses four posts to hold the diamond in place while maximizing its visual impact. This maximizes the sparkle. However, because the stone is held above the band, it sticks out more. This makes it somewhat prone to snagging on sweaters or your hair.

Multiple Post Settings

In this variation of the classic setting, six or more posts hold the diamond in place. These cover a little more of the stone, which can look obvious on smaller gems. That's why eight post settings are usually reserved for large diamonds that need extra stability. This style works especially well with circular cuts.

Pave Settings

These settings are 'paved' with smaller diamonds on each side of the central stone. In addition to increasing the ring's overall glitter, they reduce how much the central stone sticks out and make snagging somewhat less likely.

Halo Settings

This popular ring variation features a halo of smaller diamonds clustered around the central stone. It creates the look of a very large gem for an affordable price.

Exquisite Engagement Ring Elements

When it comes to the perfect engagement ring, every detail matters. That's why it's important to see wedding jewelry in person. You can examine each detail of the Carizza ring and slip it on to test the feel. Browse our engagement rings online and to use our store locator to find the nearest jewelry stores in West Bloomfield MI to see the Carizza engagement rings in West Bloomfield MI area in person.